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House of Mattia

Donut Necklace - Half Eaten!

Donut Necklace - Half Eaten!

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So you thought Donuts were just for eating.... well think again... At House of Mattia we wear it, on our feet, on our hands and now round our neck too! And this little sugar coated one has a bit’s out of it!

Each of these delicious sugar coated donut Necklaces are handmade to order.

We have teamed up with the hugely talented and warm hearted Ciera who runs a small black owned business in the US. She stunned me with her totally amazing creations, her attention to detail (which is just amazing) and to top it off she's warm hearted and cares about each and every single creation just like us!

We are really proud to support her and help her expand her reach to our lovely cake crazy fans.

If your looking for something cute, sweet and tasty then these are just what your looking for!



Each necklace is hand made and sugared to perfection!

  • This product is not edible at all or made from anything edible. They are actual wearable yummy necklaces that just look like your favourite cakes and desserts.

If you are unsure if there are any to ship immediately please contact me directly via email.


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