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Ice-cream art

Ice-cream art

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Fancy an ice-cream? Want one that never melts, then this is the piece for you!

This soft scoop "99p" vanilla cone is a reminder of that childhood moment when your world ends, quite literally, when it falls in the floor and you break down in tears.... We've all been there!


This everlasting ice-cream will be the talking piece of your home as you display it for all to see!


Shes famous…

Yep this icecream and a number of other cake and rhinestone creations were made live on the show by me as part of the BBC 1 TV series  “Made it at Market” 

You can watch me and my crazy making journey closing out the show with episode 15

“Rachel’s Cake shoes Make it at Market” on BBC iplayer from 15th December, Britbox and other worldwide availability dates in 2024 to be announced!




Each ice-cream is hand made and piped, layers of fake icecream and made to order. Please be aware, although I have made a small number to ensure I meet demand they will take 3 weeks plus shipping time* 

  • This product is not edible at all or made from anything edible. They are actual shoes that just look like your favorite cakes and desserts.
  • The base shoe used in making this pair may change at any time without notice, but we will keep all of its cake like features.

When it is out of stock you will still be able to order this item but it will take 3 weeks to make and send to you so please bear this in mind when ordering. if you are unsure if there are any to ship immediately please contact me directly via email.


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